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Report of abuse and illegal content.

How to report Copyright/Trademark Infringement
Please submit issues regarding the abuse of our services including, but not limited to; illegal activity, the exploitation of children, spam, copyrights, phishing and malware. We also have zero tolerance for spam activity as indicated in our AntiSpam policy. Our experts will review in the shortest possible time all complaints for validity and will take appropriate action, and as part of our investigation it may also be necessary for us to corroborate your complaint with our customer.Only reports in english will be considered
Someone copied your content
To be considered effective, a notification of a claimed trademark violation must include the following information:
  • The trademark, service mark, trade dress, name, or other indicia of origin ("mark") that is claimed to be infringed, including registration number.
  • The jurisdiction or geographical area to which the mark applies.
  • The name, post office address and telephone number of the owner of the mark identified above.
  • The goods and/or services covered by or offered under the mark identified above.
  • The date of first use of the mark identified above.
  • The date of first use in interstate commerce of the mark identified above.
  • A description of the manner in which the Complaining Party believes its mark is being infringed upon.
  • Non presence of disclaimer on bottom page such as” trademarks and logos mentioned are used for identification purposes only and remain the exclusive property of their respective owners. »
  • Sufficient evidence that the owner of the website that is claimed to be infringing is one of our customer.
  • The precise location of the infringing mark, including electronic mail address, etc.
  • A good faith certification, signed under penalty of perjury, stating:
    1. The content of the website [identify website] infringes the rights of another party,
    2. The name of such said party,
    3. The mark [identify mark] being infringed, and
    4. That use of the content of the website claimed to be infringing at issue is not defensible.
These complaints may only be submitted by registered trademark owners.
We are only able to accept trademark complaints regarding websites that are hosted on our servers or managed by us. If the website is not hosted neither managed by us, we will not be able to consider it in the complaint.
Please fill form below. Do not use a VPN, your IP will be tracked.
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